Berth 2, Taupo Harbour    +64 21 669 139 

Berth 2, Taupo Harbour    +64 21 669 139 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I board my cruise?

Ernest Kemp cruises is located at Berth 2 at the Taupo Marina, Redoubt St or Ferry Rd, Taupo.

When do I board my cruise?

Please report to the black booking office at the Taupo Marina 15 minutes prior to departure time. The Booking Office is located just by the boat. The Booking Office will give you a boarding pass if you have booked online. You can also pay at the office with cash or credit card.

Where can I park?

There is generally plenty of parking available close to the boat and booking office. There is no time restriction on the carparks at the harbour.

Are there any passenger ability restrictions?

We like to be able to welcome everyone on board, however we do have steps to access the boarding wharf and steps to board the boat. Our crew are happy to assist but if you have any concerns please contact us and we can discuss your best options.

What about the weather? Do you still cruise if it is rough?

We have been cruising the lake in all conditions for 35 years. The vessel is excellent in all weather. We have comfortable seating both inside and out. The lake can get rough but the Ernest Kemp with its heavy steel hull ensures your cruise is as smooth as possible. You will be advised before your cruise if it is windy and rough and if you suffer from seasickness you can choose not to cruise. Safety is paramount at all times. Be assured we will not cruise if it is too rough. Often rough lake trips add to the adventure and excitement.

What do I need to bring with me?

Must haves:

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Swimwear and towel in summer
  • A light jacket or sweater if the weather is cool

Are there bathrooms on board?

Yes, we have 2 bathrooms on board.

Can I take my child’s stroller on board?

We have to be aware of obstacles blocking walkways & passageways so we may ask you to stow your stroller downstairs in the galley or if possible to leave in your vehicle. If, however, passenger numbers on your cruise are very light and there is a lot of space, then yes we are happy for you to have the stroller for your child.

May we bring our own food?

Ernest Kemp Cruises offers a selection of light food and beverages for you to purchase on board. You are however welcome to bring light snacks. In consideration for your fellow passengers we ask you to refrain from bringing hot food on board.